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Some years ago we realised that the provision of inheritance planning was poorly provided for in the South East so they set up MVL Wills and Trusts, providing a service based on honesty, integrity and industry knowledge, making the client’s needs and wishes the main priority.

This is not part of MVL Business Services – it is an independently owned separate business with whom we are happy to work for the benefit of our clients, when our clients ask for these services.

MVL Wills and Trusts believe in opening the client’s eyes to what is possible in estate planning, giving them real choices and the knowledge to make decisions appropriate to their circumstances. They pride themselves in being able to offer value for money and quality solutions.

MVL Wills and Trusts provides free consultations for all aspects of estate planning and also offers to review any existing planning you have in place.

Call us if you would like to be introduced for a free consultation. Alternatively, visit or call 01424-577070.

To see some relevant videos explaining about the support available from MVL Wills & Trusts Ltd click on our videos section here


A professionally-prepared will allows you to plan what will happen to your estate (your property and other assets) and ensures that those you wish to benefit actually do so. It also makes sure that your estate is passed on in the most tax efficient way.


Strategic use of Trusts can ensure that your children and grandchildren are able to benefit completely from the inheritance you want them to receive and at the same time, protect the family home and other assets from being lost.

Trust planning can be effective in protecting your estate from the following threats:

Divorce - could mean your loved ones’ inherited assets are lost through a divorce settlement

Marriage after death - your surviving spouse may re- marry, leaving your assets to a new partner. Your children might be disinherited as a result.

Bankruptcy - you or your children may be subject to bankruptcy leaving assets under threat

Care costs - you or your children may need care in later life and assets can be lost to those care costs.

Generational Inheritance tax — your children could pay further inheritance tax on money that has already been subject to your inheritance tax when they die.

Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)

At some point in your life you may be unable to manage your own financial affairs or personal welfare and you may need someone to act on your behalf. This could happen at any time and may be due to illness or injury, something we are more prone to as we get older. It would be invaluable, therefore, to have someone you trust to help you and provide you with peace of mind at a time when you most need it.

LPA for Property & Financial Affairs – this authorises the chosen attorney(s) to make decisions about the donor’s property and finances. This could include buying or selling property in the donor’s name or continuing to run their business. You can place legally-binding restrictions on your attorney’s powers.

LPA for Health & Welfare – this covers decisions about the donor’s personal welfare, including where they live, how they are cared for and what healthcare they receive. This LPA can only be used if the LPA has been registered and the donor can no longer make decisions for themselves.

LPA for Business affairs – If you run a business you may wish to appoint a particular person to look after your business responsibilities, someone with business experience who can ensure that the business continues to run smoothly during your incapacity.

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