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X5 offer a fresh new approach to providing relevant management information to help your business grow.

Our wise and experienced team of advisers based in Eastbourne and Battle, East Sussex, believe our work is all about you and your dreams.


Imagine if money was no object, and you could design and change the world you want to live in - what would you do differently?

Let's have that conversation...

Let X5 help you to not only Dare to Dream, but also to Explore and Discover - after all that is why you went into business in the first place.... Let's help you change your business and design the world you want to live in.

Why not... let's do it!

We simply LOVE helping our clients to be happy, successful and to sleep easily at night.

You tell us how lonely it is to run a business and lead a team, and how it can easily take over your life, at the expense of everything else.

With X5, you will find support - you will have an open, friendly fun relationship with us, founded on real understanding and creative thinking rather than starchy formalities and pre-fixed services.

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Our clients consistently ask us to help them to better understand how business works - you say you do not want accounts - you want financial information that "measures what matters" to help you to be more successful - and you will get this from X5 in as much depth as you want; just ask about our business support systems.

You concentrate on what you do best, and let X5 help you with the rest...

So whether it’s about Business Growth, or Support with bookkeeping, VAT, planning and managing tax, accounts, risk management or wealth improvement , X5 are eager to help you create the life you'd love to be living, but can only dream about.

Let's make it happen.

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The Xeinadin Group is an extensive group of more than 1,500 advisors spanning the UK and Ireland. Xeinadin Group helps entrepreneurs, SME’s, corporations and not-for-profit organisations achieve their goals and mission. Through unmatched collaboration and innovation, we support and inspire you to reach your strategic business goals or accomplish the mission of your organisation. Xeinadin has a global reach and knowledge but works locally with a personal touch!

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24 May 2024

Next government will need to partner with business

Whichever party forms the next UK government will need to partner with business to fire up the UK economy, says the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).

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