Tax planning and superannuation

Tax planning and superannuation

Tax planning can be simple and complicated – we do both, depending on your appetite for risk.

If you feel you are paying too much tax (or superannuation?) ask us if we could introduce you to any way of legally reducing your tax bills.

Call Pippa now (01323-720555) and ask for a free copy of our 70 Point Tax Planning Checklist.

There are government promoted tax saving ideas that can be reviewed, but we always advise to look at the commercial and cash flow considerations, as well as any tax savings.

Ask us if we can help you.

Superannuation is a nightmare for doctors at the moment with the undisguised attacks on your pensions.

Superannuation Certificates

Considered by some as routine, we prepare superannuation certificates for our self employed doctors, and we do realise how complicated these are.

Nevertheless, we offer a very competitive and cost effective service to our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you have Enhanced Protection, Fixed Protection or not? There are so many other similar questions, and these are questions that need to be reviewed with us after first speaking to a specialist IFA who understands the particular issues in the doctors superannuation scheme, which is still a superb scheme offering amazing benefits.

Often a life style choice has to be made - do we take a tax charge and accrue more benefits, or do we take "early retirement" with less stress - there are no right answers, because every doctor has individual needs that are specific to themself.

We can introduce you to a specialist IFA who understands the doctors scheme, and can then review your choices with you.

Please also visit our Pension planning section for additional information.

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