Buying and Selling a Business

If you are a Business Owner, your business should in theory always be up for sale.

The trouble is you will not always be ready to receive an offer and, if you are not, any offer is likely to be low rather than high.

The same principle applies if you are looking to buy a business.

Did you know that 80% + of businesses put up for sale never sell?

So what can x5 do to help?

To maximise the value of your business on sale, this needs careful and meticulous planning over several years - we have a thorough and detailed system to prepare the owners and also the businesses for sale - ask us for more details if you are interested.

One of the things we help you to do, is to look at your business "through the eyes of a potential buyer" and to start doing a "due diligence" exercise on your business.

We use the same system when we are helping you to buy a business and we have special analytical software that helps us to do this.

This is complicated and a detailed process to follow but the results are worth the effort.

Do have a look at the video on our web site illustrating our due diligence report.

Preparing your business for sale

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