Helping you to increase your Profits

One of the best ways to help you increase your profits is to employ an experienced Finance Director to help you prepare regular and relevant management information, to allow you to have the right financial information at the right time, to be able to make the right management decisions at the right time.

Most SME's cannot, or do not want to, afford the cost of a Finance Director, and that is where x5 comes in.

Our team include accountants with experience of working in industry and have been trained to look at financial information from a different perspective to your average accountant in practice.

Traditional accountants produce historical information monthly or quarterly and call this "management accounts" - x5 argue that this is still looking backwards at historical financial accounts, and this is NOT management accounting.

x5 argue that the difference between a traditional accountant and a Finance Director, is that a Finance Director is always looking forward whereas traditional accountants tend to look backwards and give you historical accounting information

So what do x5 do differently?

To be very honest, there is a massive difference in what you will receive.

The management information you will receive from x5 will analyse information in a lot more detail provided your accounts are posted correctly to allow us to do so - and if they are not, we will show you what needs to change so you can have useful management information.

This information will break down your transactions per customer to identify the number of active customers, the number of transactions per customer, and the average price per transaction. This will identify positive and negative trends in your trading, to allow you to look forward to forecast what will happen to your profitability if you do not intervene.

The information will be referenced to your 5 year plan and, if you do not have one, x5 will help you to produce one very quickly - after all .....if you dont know where you are going, any road will get you there!

x5 will make sure you have a clear direction of travel for your business.

The information you will receive will identify the leading and lagging KPIs in your business, as well as all significant changes in your overheads, and will also highlight any Balance Sheet changes that need to be addressed

How come x5 offer more than traditional accountants?

Because x5 are different - they are part of the Xeinadin Group of accountants whose aim is to always be a "firm of the future", and also because x5 invest in systems, software and training to allow us to "get under the bonnet of a business" to highlight the financial information that matters to that business.

Virtual Finance Director (VFD) Services

x5 offer a Complete Suite of Virtual Finance Director Services, ranging from a full back office support service i.e x5 will run all your internal accounts function for you at a fraction of the price you would have to pay for your own in house team, through to an a la carte menu of relevant VFD services from which business owners and managers can choose the options most appealing to them and their businesses.

Call us now, and ask for one of our VFD team, to discuss how we can help you increase your profits.

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