Learn about Xeinadin Group’s Logo and Colours


What does the Xeinadin Group Logo mean?


We are tying everything together in a circle. This is how the collaboration between the firms, you (our clients) and our surroundings is symbolised.

Future focused

We use a clean futuristic font and expressive, vibrant blue and orange colours.


You see this visualised in the logo, two people joining forces and shaking hands.


It’s not just a handshake, it’s also an X! It represents innovation, with the stylised X using unusual and recognisable shapes.

Xeinadin Group Colours

Xeinadin Blue - This is the primary Xeinadin blue. The blue colour represents knowledge, power, integrity and seriousness.

Dark Blue - This darker version of the colour blue is a solid and bold addition to the Xeinadin blue. 

Light Blue - Next to the darker blue, we also have the lighter blue; it represents tranquillity and understanding.

Joyful Yellow - The yellow Xeinadin colour is best associated with intellect, freshness and joy. It adds a bright nuance.

Sturdy Grey - The grey colour is associated with sturdy, strong, solid and clear. It represents understandability and adaptability. 

Obvious Orange - This colour really stands out. This orange colour corresponds to the desire and thirst for action and innovation.

Our cloud accounting partners

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